A real gem in the middle of no where.

If you want to stay in stunning accommodation surrounded by rice paddies, from your verandah you can walk the local farmers go about their business, from the confines of your room? We stayed in this accommodation as we planned to hike (with a guide) up to Ijen crater/volcano.
The guide book had described this place as literally out in the middle of no where and that is pretty much spot on. We stayed for 3 nights in a Junior suite - huge room with great 'outdoors' bathroom (this is a little old) but certainly well maintained and looked after. The only minor complaint is the staff are just OK in English and at times the communication (particularly in the restaurant) can be a little frustrating but that's what you get when you travel to a remote location.

Annie T
Standart Budget visit Ijen crater

This simple guest house and quiet nice place.Not too far from ijen crater about 30 minutes. this hotel area in coffee, clove plantations. cozy home with resto served local food, we can interaction with local people and walking around rice paddies, river, plantation, with mountain view ijen crater and Raung mountain active volcano.

Best option for Kawah Ijen and Plateau

The road now from Licin runs straight thru to Kawah Ijen and has now been repaired and is in good condition to provide relatively easy access to the Ijen Plateau, There is no need to hire a 4WD for access anymore provided you have decent vehicle.. The road runs straight past the Ijen Resto and its only 13km to Kawah Ijen. Higher up the road goes through untouched mountain Forrest with superb tree ferns up to 12m in height everywhere.
The Resto home stay has simple bungalows for around $us35 a night including breakfast. They have hot water and the rooms are clean but very basic.
The staff are very helpful but you have to persist if there's any issue such as the hot water not working! They are most willing to help but are not that experienced in dealing with westerners and English!
Avoid at all costs the Ijen Resort which is the other more upscale accom in the area. It's expensive, fairly worn out, and can only be accessed via a 3 km dirt road which is an absolute nightmare!
So if you want to visit Ijen plateau and Kawa, strongly recommend Go via bangawangi to Ijen and then straight up to the plateau. Much more simply and quicker than Bondowoso approach from the west.

Phil G
Best Ho(s)tel for Your Pocket

Quite a distance from crater, around 8 km, but this could be one of the best hostel.for your pocket. Room rates vary from 20-35 USD, and most of them are clean and nice. Staff was nice as well. Meal is good and no rip off price.

Lokasi hotel cukup dekat Kawah Ijen

Lokasi hotel cukup dekat dengan pos Paltuding Kawah Ijen, sehingga pengunjung tidak kejauhan kalau mau mulai pendakian ke Ijen. Kondisi hotel cukup bersih, ada air panas, ada breakfast tapi kami kebetulan tidak sempet sarapan karena tepar hbs turun dr Ijen hehehe. Dinner nya bisa pesan dan enak bebeknya. View sekitar kamar lumayan bagus, ada tamannya bisa buat foto2. Pelayanan bagus, pas kami mau check-in, kamar untuk kami sudah siap. Recommended for stay here!

Intan D
Kamar bersih Pelayanan bagus

Kamar oke, bersih, pelayanan bagus, guest house juga bagus buanget, seperti Villa, dan ini adalah guest house terdekat dengan paltuding (pos terakhir pendakian ke kawah ijen) hanya berjarak 30-40 menit dengan menggunakan motor. Kalo kesana lagi, mungkin akan ineo di sini lagi.

Nirma S.A
Tempat nya nyaman dan sejuuukk

Tempat nya nyaman dan sejuuukk, desain bangunan asri, parkiran luas, tipe guest house favorit, sayup-sayup suara adzan dan pengajian banyak di sekitar pemukiman, tidak spooky, petugas ramah dan fast response, paling dekat dengan kawah ijen

Khoirul M